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About Face Theatre creates exceptional, innovative and adventurous theatre and educational programming that advances the national dialogue on sexual and gender identity, and challenges and entertains audiences in Chicago and beyond.

In early 2017 AFT’s then Artistic Director informed the Board of his intention to depart the position end of June. Board leadership engaged Kristin Patton to field a stakeholder survey and facilitate a company-wide retreat through which to confirm shared understanding around AFT’s core values, purpose and priorities. This proved transformative and provided a strong foundation for the work to follow. The decision was made to lead AFT’s transition process and the search for a new Artistic leader from within. A multi-perspective team consisting of board, staff, artist, and youth was formed to provide representative leadership. Kristin Patton and Logan Jones provided facilitation and process expertise. Over the summer the team designed and led a values-aligned national search noted for its thoroughness, inclusivity and transparency. The core team structure also helped ensure informed decision making, open communications and operational continuity throughout the transition and supported AFT staff, artists and board in moving forward on identified organizational priorities and goals. The process culminated in the exciting hire of new Artistic Director Megan Carney.

Making sense of all of the passionate viewpoints was led by masters. Kristin Patton and Logan Jones designed and executed an exhaustive and holistic process to illuminate the essence and needs of About Face Theatre at this crucial moment. Through their work, we found consensus and clarity about the skills and attributes we needed in the next leader, and this built hope, energy and interest in company. It has been such a joy and labor of love, and a tremendous learning experience to work with them, and to have their positive spirit and passion at the center of this process. They’ve been a conduit to channel our needs and to enable us to take the appropriate steps forward.


Becky Huinker

President of the Board

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