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Moonshot is a multi-year case study investigation of how nonprofit theater companies answer this foundational question: What plays will we produce? Moonshot’s hypothesis is that a better process for answering that question will precipitate better artistic, organizational, critical, and financial outcomes over the long term. Five Chicago-based theater companies worked with us to document and analyze the practices and processes that have led to their decisions, mining specific decisions and their consequences. We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches and collaboratively identified opportunities for improvement, guided by a growing body of multi-disciplinary research on forecasting and complex decision making. Our investigation concludes with recommendations for the field as nonprofit theaters take on the many challenges of making art and  bringing people back to live performance after the pandemic shutdown and years of audience erosion.


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HowlRound Essay: Every Production Is a Moonshot  


The Moonshot Report

Improving Repertoire Selection Practice

A Strategic Approach to Theater's Biggest Challenge


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