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Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) is an internationally recognized multiethnic, youth theater ensemble dedicated to art, youth, and a vision of social justice. Their original work rooted in true stories of the Albany Park neighborhood inspires people to envision a more just and beautiful world.

In 2009, APTP Leadership approached Kristin Patton, seeking to double the size of their board so as to double board impact. Kristin challenged APTP to re-envision board potential asking, “What is the board equivalent of your brilliant youth ensemble - a board as excellent in its board function as your youth theater ensemble is in theirs?" APTP accepted the challenge and a project was born. Over the next year, Ensemble Consulting led APTP’s "founder’s board" in a process through which they more directly aligned themselves in support of APTP’s core purpose, strengthened their leadership model and clarified what they were looking for in new board members. Centered in and informed by APTP’s core purpose, that collaborative process not only powerfully transformed APTP’s board but has informed APTP’s other organizational development processes since.

Photo credit: Liz Lauren

With her skill, discipline, insight, and humility, Kristin made the difference that led us to overcome obstacles that hindered us for more than five years. We are well on our way to a board that is greater than the sum of its parts, and Kristin has been the teacher who taught us to multiply rather than just add.


David Feiner

Producing Artistic Director​​​

Chelsee Nava in Learning Curve, created by Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects NYC#LearningCurveChicago — at Ellen Gates Starr High School. Photo credit: Liz Lauren

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