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Every board has the potential to play beautifully together, serving its organization as an attuned and ambitious ensemble in which each member knows and expertly plays his/her/their role and the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. But too often we find ourselves falling far short of this potential. Some common examples:


  • Board members are deeply committed to their organization's mission but highly uncertain how to fully or effectively engage individually or as a team.

  • Professional Leadership is appreciative of board members but acutely aware the board as a whole needs to be doing more.

  • Lines of authority and accountability are unclear and/or misaligned.

Ensemble Consulting works with arts leaders and boards to effectively bridge the gap between a board's current reality and its potential. We bring a combination of group process facilitation and expert consulting to:


  • Meet you where you are and ensure your board ensemble has shared understanding regarding core organizational fundamentals as well as informed perspectives on the organization and board's priorities and current situation.

  • Tap the collective inherent wisdom regarding needed and desired board and organizational change.

  • Clarify roles, authority and accountability.

  • Support more effective leadership, meaningful engagement and improved coordination of efforts.

  • Re-energize, better organize, and more effectively move into action to achieve identified goals.

  • Bring the tools and collaboratively create the practices and processes that support the board in its new ensemble mode, setting in place a virtuous cycle of planning, implementation, achievement, assessment, and further planning.

Specific areas of expertise include: board structuring, governance, training, recruitment, orientation, leadership succession planning, preparation for strategic planning, board and professional leadership partnership, assessment and evaluation.


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