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Dear HOW Stakeholder,


Thank you for your willingness to share your insights and perspectives regarding HOW’s core purpose. Please respond to this survey by end of day, Saturday, November 10th. Your responses will serve as the launch point for our coming to shared understanding around HOW’s mission, values, vision and organizational priorities moving forward.


A few important notes:


  • This survey is designed to be confidential. Individual responses will be collated by Ensemble Consulting and reported back to HOW in aggregate. You are asked to input your name so that Kristin can reach out to you, should she have any questions about meaning as she collates responses - and to ease tracking of your survey should you encounter any technical issues.

  • You may complete the survey all at once or check the box at the end of the survey to have the questions and your responses emailed to you to edit/complete and email to us by November 10.

  • We are looking for “high level” response (ballpark 3-5 bullet points) for each open answer question.

  • Feel free to answer all or any of the open answer questions.

  • Should you have any questions about the survey or run into any technical issues, please contact Kristin at


Thank you, for helping inform this important process!

General Info

Core Purpose in Action

For each of the following, think in terms of high level “essential elements,” aiming for 3-5 bullet point ideas for each.


In your own words, what do you currently see as HOW’s



Core Values & Beliefs


Opportunities and Challenges

Please email me a copy of the questions and my responses.

Note: if you wish to make any additions/changes, make them within your emailed document, save them, and email them back to Kristin no later than November 10.

Thank you for sharing your insights and perspectives with us through this survey!

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