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Remy Bumppo is an ensemble based theatre company that believes in the power and beauty of language, and knows that conversation is an agent of change. As their motto think theatre suggests, the plays Remy Bumppo produces make you think - actively - about the complex issues we face as people, as a community, and as humankind.


Remy Bumppo initially engaged Kristin Patton in 2012 to help move the company forward in what had, in its early stages, been a bumpy transition from founder-led theatre. Kristin facilitated a series of whole company conversations to clarify, articulate and come to shared understanding regarding the core values and guiding principles at the heart of Remy Bumppo’s artistic process. Through this process, the company began to move from separate board, staff, and artist power centers to a more holistic culture centered in and more directly supportive of the powerful and unique way Remy Bumppo creates and connects its art. The company was then ready for and engaged Kristin to lead them through a much needed strategic planning process. This resulted in not only a strategic plan, but longer planning horizons and the internalized capacity and processes through which to roll strategic planning forward every year.

RBTC Our Class 2014

Our transformation is due in no small part to the process Kristin initiated. At a very crucial time of transition, when the company's future was in the balance, she led the stakeholders quietly through an extremely valuable, "elegant" process, based in the planning work of Arts Action Research, which puts the Art front and center and expands out from there. With great care and understanding for the personalities and schedules involved, Kristin facilitated retreats, advised on the construction of crucial foundational documents that had never existed, shaped the strategic planning framework, and continually nudged us forwards to understanding our shared identity, values and vision for the future, bringing all parties along for the ride.

Nick Sandys

Producing Artistic Director

Kristin is an extraordinary consultant, working with an exciting and refreshing philosophy; she is compassionate, clear and consistent in her communication with various stakeholders. She presented creative and alternative viewpoints in order to achieve consensus and progress toward a shared vision for the Company’s future.

Kristin Larsen

Executive Director

Arts & Business Council of Chicago

Former Executive Director

Remy Bumppo Theatre Company

RBTC/SRR Great Expectations Kick off rehearsal shot

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