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Moonshot Tools and Resources

Launching Your Own Moonshot

During the course of Moonshot, we developed a number of process tools that the case study companies found useful. We welcome you to freely use and/or adapt these templates and examples if they can be helpful. Should you use or share them, please credit Kristin Patton and Nick Rabkin of Moonshot.


If you have questions or thoughts about the Moonshot process or tools, or would like help with your own process, we’d be glad to hear from you!


Wondering how to get started? 

  • Start where you are. Be realistic about how much time you can carve out to begin reflecting on your current repertoire selection process and ways to improve it. Even if that’s only 15 minutes. An incremental and iterative approach can take you far. Some places to start:

    • What most interested you or resonated for you in the report?

    • Who are the Key Players in your process? Share the report and these tools with them and start a discussion.

    • Review the tools and templates here for ideas.

    • Take a few hours (can be done over more than one session) to do a Deep Dive with your Key Players to discuss, map, and document your current process and ways it can be improved.


Tools and Templates 

Getting Started

Deep Dive Facilitation Guide

Deep Dive Notes and Documentation Template


Strategic Filter Exercise and Ratings Template

Forecasting and Assessment Tools

Moonshot Forecasting and Assessment Exercise and Template

Group Engagement Tools

Group Agreements

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