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Moonshot is the first serious research on how theatres identify, assess, select repertoire for production, and plan their seasons. This high risk/high hopes/high anxiety process is the foundation of everything that ultimately appears on the stages of not-for-profit theatres. It is vital to theatrical success on multiple levels and demands enormous attention and energy in the cycle of production. But the practices and processes theatres use are rarely examined, discussed, critiqued, or taught. We believe learning how this work is being conducted and considering ways to do it better will generate meaningful benefits -- better artistic and organizational outcomes -- to theatres that participate in the research and the field as a whole. Kristin Patton (Ensemble Consulting) and Nick Rabkin (reMaking Culture) are Moonshot’s lead investigators. As the project proceeds, we will post updates, reflections, thoughts and questions that bubble up here. We welcome your engagement through comments, questions and conversation. To be notified of new posts, subscribe here.  

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